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Post by Whiteblood on Sun Aug 29, 2010 1:20 pm

Braindead (Also known by the title "Dead Alive") is a rather old "Horror" movie, Produced in 1992 by Jim Booth and directed by Peter Jackson.

The effects in the movie are very "bad quality" and there isn't much in the movie that would frighten you. I do not think it is a "Great" movie, However I do think that it is very hillarious and worth watching.

I have not watched the movie in a while and therefore it would be rather hard for me to write a decent review, and that's why I am redirecting you to a review which I think just about sums up what the movie experience was like to me.

..::David Stratton - Braindead Review::..

I also want to share my favorite scene from the movie with you below;
(The sound quality isn't the best so you might want to turn up your Speakers / Headphones)

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