Simple Rules (Please Read).

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Simple Rules (Please Read). Empty Simple Rules (Please Read).

Post by Taco on Sat Aug 28, 2010 12:37 am

Always be polite when you post, even if you strongly disagree with something that is said.
Answer questions if you can. If it is a question best answered on another forum or in an existing thread, refer them there. Otherwise, answer it yourself. No need to be unfriendly.
If you feel that you cannot answer kindly, don't reply at all. It is better to say nothing, than to spread ill-will on this forum.

Respect the intent of the thread.

Questions and debates are common here, and those asking the questions are directed here by the larger forum community and the moderators, because they know they will receive informed, respectful opinions. Feel free to offer your opinion, but do so in a way and tone that reflects well upon the community.

Make your posts clear and understandable.
When criticizing other people's work, be constructive.
Offer helpful suggestions.
Tell them what they have done right, as well as where they need to improve.
Be polite about it. There is no need to flame people.

Trolling and Flaming is not allowed on the site. We ask that all members show respect for each other.
If a post blatantly breaks the rules simply report it, as opposed to calling the poster a name.

StreamLine staff is NOT responsible for ANY key loggers, viruses or any other harmful content that you may pick up by clicking on links and/or pictures.. Make sure your computer is well protected and think twice before clicking on any links and/or pictures in this and/or any other forum section/topic.

All rules apply to the chatbox as well
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