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Rules (Please Read) Empty Rules (Please Read)

Post by Taco on Sat Aug 28, 2010 1:13 am

These are our basic rules, please read this carefully before posting or replying to any thread.

#1 Do not disrespect any Admin or Moderator.

#2 Do not use any racist or discriminating words or terms. We will not tolerate any racism even if it is "just a joke".

#3 Please respect everyone that uses these forums. We are here to have fun not to hate or put down people.

#4 Please do not post any adult and/or explicit materials.

#5 Please keep the foul language to a minimum here. As I said before this is a place to have fun. There are topics with special, "softer", rules for foul language, look into those before posting.

#6 Forum rules will be updated as the forum develops. New rules will be added and it is possible, but not likely, that some of the old rules get replaced. Please keep track of the rule changes, check the rules at least once a week for possible changes. Not knowing the rules will NOT be an excuse for breaking them, they are here for everyone to read.

#7 Sexuality doesn't matter, you are not allowed to insult anyone based upon it.

#8 Stranding off the main topic is fine as long as the majority agrees with it as well as the person who started the topic.

StreamLine staff is NOT responsible for ANY key loggers, viruses or any other harmful content that you may pick up by clicking on links and/or pictures.. Make sure your computer is well protected and think twice before clicking on any links and/or pictures in this and/or any other forum section/topic.

All rules apply to the chatbox as well
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